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Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI

[CATV] RE: 8240HDC and Formatting an External HDD

The Old thread got locked due to inactivity
»[AZ] 8240HDC will no longer Format a New External HDD
said by BryanInPHX:

Before this thread gets locked, thought I would bump it.

Did the beta Passport Version ever get pushed to all 8240HDCs?

Passport Vers: 3.1.091
OS Vers: PowerTV

RE: 8240HDC (Silver DVR) and Formatting a New External HDD
Not sure when it happened, But I just noticed the "beta" Passport Version the DVR was running has been updated, again. I checked to see if it would prompt for the removal of the Ext HDD, and it does. I have not tested to see if it prompts for a Format of a NEW Ext HDD.
I will check and report back before I return it to Cox. My recent purchase of a 4-Tuner TiVo Elite/XL4 has made the 8240HDC redundant.

Prior beta version:
Passport Vers: 3.1.091
OS Vers: PowerTV

New Passport version:
Passport Vers: 3.1.124
OS Vers: (did not change, PowerTV

AFAIK, there is no firmware for using an Ext HDD on the 8642HDC (Black DVR) running Passport.
Cox Premier HSI, SB6120, DIR-628, Win7 WMC SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime
TiVo Elite & Premiere 2TB-WD20EURS, SA8240HDC DVR, Passport Vers: 3.1.124, OS Vers: PowerTV
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Chandler, AZ
Two weeks ago I signed up for CoxPhx service in Chandler AZ. The box delivered was a SA8240 HDC. First, I was shocked to find out it only has a 160GB, 20hour drive. This is 2012 right?!?! And I'm paying Extra for this service?!

So I hooked up a eSATA external drive per all the usual instructions. The 8240 never recognized it. I called, chatted, emailed, and visited a Cox store. I bounced between tech-support, customer service, and sales. No one knew how big the standard 8240 drive was, let alone how to add an external drive. Their advice was in either in conflict with each other, or flat out incorrect. I started digging on my own, and found this forum....

Lo and behold, I found my problem... Yes, Cox is STILL shipping the 8240 with Passport 3.1.085 and OS Arrrggg!!!