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reply to badabingo

Re: Fibe 25 upload speed decreased after install

FTTH does not use the dsl modem, it is straight ethernet.


Here is what I get with the xdslmon:

# sysutil xdslmon

Line Status : Port is in Showtime
Mode : 0x100000 (VDSL2 Profile 8A )
Upstream Payload Rate : 4032 kbps
Downstream : 26040 kbps
DIAG Info:
Attenuation ( dB ) : 28.4 0.00 (FE LATNpb-0)
39.30 (FE LATNpb-1)
0.00 (FE LATNpb-2)
0.00 (FE LATNpb-3)
0.00 (FE LATNpb-4)
SNR margin ( dB ) : 18.9 0.00 (FE SNRMpb-0)
5.50 (FE SNRMpb-1)
0.00 (FE SNRMpb-2)
0.00 (FE SNRMpb-3)
0.00 (FE SNRMpb-4)
US Aggregate Power : 8.0 dbm
DS Attainable Data Rate: 49352 kbps
US Attainable Data Rate: 4112 kbps
HEC counter : HEC_F:0
CRC counter : CRC_F:0
CRC_S: 0

I posted in the direct forum and someone said they changed some settings on my profile. Seems a bit worse now comparing the line stats:

Extended Port Status
Bme: 1 Port: 1
Downstream line rate: 30252 kbps
Upstream line rate: 4656 kbps
Bearer0 Downstream payload rate: 0 kbps
Bearer1 Downstream payload rate: 26040 kbps
Bearer0 Upstream payload rate: 0 kbps
Bearer1 Upstream payload rate: 4032 kbps
Downstream attainable payload rate: 49352 kbps
Downstream attainable line rate: 60208 kbps
Downstream Training Margin: 19.6 dB
Downstream Line Protection (Bearer1 Path): 0.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream Line Protection (Bearer1 Path): 0.0 DMT Symbols
Near-end ITU Vendor Id: 0xb500494b4e530200
Far-end ITU Vendor Id: 0xb500494b4e530100
Downstream delay: 7.4 ms
Upstream delay: 0.0 ms
Tx total power 8.0 dbm
FE Tx total power 14.3 dbm
VDSL Estimated Loop Length : 2371 ft
G.Hs Estimated Near End Loop Length : 2055 ft
G.Hs Estimated Far End Loop Length :2264 ft
Current framing mode: 0x10 EFM
Bandplan Type...........: 2
No. of Upstream Bands...: 1
No. of Downstream Bands.: 2
Line Type: 0x00100000 VDSL2 Profile 8A
Downstream FFT Protection (Bearer1 Path): 1.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream FFT Protection (Bearer1 Path): 0.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream Line Attenuation: NA (Only for ADSL1 & T1.413)
Upstream SNR Margin: NA (Only for ADSL1 & T1413)
Upstream Retransmission status: Disabled
Downstream Retransmission status: Disabled

Toronto, ON
@badabingo What xtlee said, those tools are just for DSL.

@xtlee It looks like he just added interleave. Did Bell say they will try another pair?
Fiber Optics are the future of high-speed internet access. Stop by the BBR »Fiber Optic Forum.


They said thy could open another ticket with the Test Center.