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Re: [HD] MLB In Demand Issues


I can give you three from July 5th -

Tampa/Cleveland - Game2 (HD and SD Channel)
Cubs / Atlanta - Game 6
Dodgers/Arizona - Game 9

After 1 1/2 hours on the phone with CSR, I reached a contact at InDemand - apparently they had systems issues which caused delays in clearing blocked games from previous games/days etc.

This has been happening often though which is very annoying - I had friends over specifically to watch one of these games.

FYI CSR's original claim of not showing games if not a sellout was total BS - sometimes I think they'll tell us anything to get us off the line.

I am in the NYC area VHO 5 - I live on Long Island.


Falls Church, VA

It sounds like you have gotten to the bottom of the issue.

For the record, you should only be blacked out of the Mets and Yankees (both home and road games).

The MLB blackout policy is all about selling exclusive broadcast rights to regional networks. Unlike the NFL, it has nothing to do with encouraging attendance. An extreme example is viewers in Hawaii are blacked out of a Yankees game in New York if they are playing a West Coast team.