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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
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Re: How do you backup your local data?

Okay since I'm lagging on getting this done I figured I would share my backup soloutions.

My primary onsite backups are:

2 x Synology NAS systems with 4TB each of RAID storage

All devices on my local network backup to these two devices at regular intervals. All important documents, data, images, music, video you name it also are backed up TWICE (once on each device just in case of failure).

Critical data is backed up from ther Synology units automatically at regular intervals offsite to servers I manage on the web in multiple locations just in case I have to leave in a hurry and can't take the Synology systems with me OR the house burns down or is robbed.

Offsite servers are also backed up to the Synology devices locally at regular intervals.

I don't trust any cloud based service nor do I feel like paying for the space I would need at such places and with this solution as it's completely unnecessary. I have complete and instant acess to the data remotely via almost any device you can think of.
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