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reply to TSI Martin

Re: Teksavvy Cable - Connection Dropping every 4-8 Hours

Thanks Martin, will open a ticket with you guys now.
Aside from the twice daily network resets , which I've grown accustomed to. I've seen my speed tank over the last 12 hours starting around sunset last night. Ive got the 70 dollar cable package, a brand new n66u router , just reformatted my gaming machine with all the latest drivers and up until last night was able to do downloads and speed tests pushing the big 4000. ( more like 3.1Mbps on steam downloads ) now i can barely break 200kbps and i haven't changed a single thing. Power cycling Modem, then router then laptop in that order before applying a new speedtest yielded the same results. Even tried other servers , same low speed. My 1080p youtube videos are like watching a slide show. Even with my modem rebooting twice a day it only frustrated me for 30 seconds. But now that im stuck in the slow lane im watching the speedtest needle bounce similar to the upload throttle and doing a real " Hmmmmm" here. i wonder if the 50 gb i downloaded yesterday put me on the rogers naughty slow lane list.