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Re: Wideband in Mansfield Ohio

Might be because I have signature home service from them. I have had 30/5 service the whole time even though the modem was not using bonded channels. I kept calling TWC to find out when they would be switching to Doc 3.0 in the area and they said as soon as it happens my modem would switch over because I have been provisioned for it the entire time. I had been seeing them roll fiber an entire month before it finally switched over.



Still no bonded channels in Ontario. I wonder if they really are updating the area or just testing in Lexington. It shouldn't matter if you have Signature or not, once the channels are bonded they should be for everyone on that node. I don't know enough about cable to know if it's the same plant or not.

I wish someone else would chip in from our area.



Fiber is being run over here right now so who knows. However, a couple years ago I seen fiber being run too for weeks. At that time it was definitely CenturyLink, so I guess now it's a waiting game.



Still all green, anyone else w/ bonded channels yet?