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reply to tdiddy3

Re: [Business] Comcast SMCD3G-CCR no longer listening on HTTP/HT

said by tdiddy3:

I'm having the same issue - the cusadmin login is not working. I've rebooted the router and that didn't change anything.

If you are implying that you can reach the router's login page with http, but the cusadmin password does not work, that is a different situation from the OP's.

What you have sounds like what happened to many of us in May, when Comcast first forced the faulty firmware to the SMCD3G-CCR, and then had to revert to the older firmware. After the firmware was reloaded, many users could no longer use the cusadmin account. The fix was to call support at 800-391-3000 and have a business class tech either rebuild your profile or reset the cusadmin password. If you have a dynamic IP address account, you can probably just do a pushbutton factory default reset on your SMCD3G-CCR (but if you have any port forwarding rules setup, you will lose those with a factory default reset).
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