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reply to ipv6huh

Re: [IPv6] Not getting IPv6 address

said by ipv6huh:

I believe the RV042 shares the same firmware/interface code as the RV082, I see how I could use port-based VLANs, but all the networks were still in the same subnet - I'd really like a different IP scheme between the LAN and DMZ (or LAN2) interfaces, and the ability for firewall rules between WAN to LAN, WAN to DMZ, and DMZ to LAN (as the Netgear's did right) Am I missing something in how to accomplish this, or is the RV082 feature set different.

You are correct that I am mapping different SSIDs to different VLANs, and different VLANs to different firewall interfaces (LAN vs. DMZ)

You are correct that the RV0xx series does not allow mapping different subnets to different VLANs (at least not the hardware v1 and v2 boxes... I don't know about the hardware v3 boxes). That is definitely a limitation in their VLAN implementation, but aside from sharing the same IP subnet, the different VLANs in the RV0xx architecture were definitely isolated from each other (only the RV0xx itself and the Internet were common to the different VLANs). I used to use it to provide isolated internet connectivity for PCs that I was repairing/testing, and for guest connections, so the isolation was the only thing I was interested in.
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