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Martin, TN
reply to DogAteMyDSL

Re: [DSL] Dropping Modem rental

said by DogAteMyDSL:

When I originally signed up with Frontier about five or so years back, using your own modem was an option (actually in their promotional material) and I just assumed that was still going to be the case.

So did you use your own modem at that time? I signed up seven years ago and was given a free modem (without the fee).

To get the fee removed, I think you have to be an older customer who was issued a free modem way back when they weren't charging a rental fee to begin with.

Also, it doesn't hurt if a Customer Service rep makes unauthorized changes to your account without your permission resulting in being charged the fee, which -- in my case, I had never paid in seven years as a customer.

However, if you left Frontier after those five years and came back, you will have to pay the fee no matter what -- even if you buy the same modem yourself.


WTPawn, no I used their modem at the time as there was no rental fee and that's why I went with it. The tech guy I spoke with was in Kingman and he assured me he would help me set up my own modem if I wanted, but since it was free, I didn't bother getting one.

I can't remember when I started using their DSL, (I guess about five years) but had been a dial up customer prior to that since moving here in 2003. About a year after I started with DSL they added $3.99 for modem rental. At that time DSL modems were around $160 so I figured that at 4-bucks a month it was a reasonable deal to stay with their modem as it would take 3-1/2 years to cut-out my own modem.

Now that it is up to 7-bucks and modems are $28, or in my case, free from a friend, it makes sense to use my own, but not if I also have to pay for theirs too.