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Milton, MA
reply to Racerbob

Re: Earthlink/Comcast

I was told by the operator/sales person at Earthlink that what they had available in my area was a 6meg line, after agreeing to take the service I was transferred to Comcast to make an appointment for the install. during that conversation the Comcast rep said I will be receiving a 12 meg line.
I have had Comcast in the past. I shut off the service in 2008 when I moved. I have noticed a difference with the new service and have just finished reading a lot of information on Comcast and speed problems going all the way back a few years. evidently with the onslaught of people deciding that netflix is a better alternative to the high costing cable and satellite companies, there has been a huge increase in bandwidth usage. enough where Comcast has taken measures to slow people down. I guess from what I have read that there is a lot going on with this subject and Comcast has made threats to level 3 servers outside of there network that they would take action.I can not repeat all the details out of memory but I guess there is something going on.
my speed is way slower at night and I even had the netflix stop to buffer once tonight. with a 12 meg line that should not happen. I guess it is a fact of life and me complaining will not do a bit of good. I just went through a whole big complaint thing with Clear wire. making calls every night. I know it is a fruitless effort and realize I have to live with it.

Webster, NY
I was curious about the upload speed. At any rate, you cannot rely on what Earthlink reps say about speed levels. They do not know. Earthlink's speed in every area it is offered via broadband will be exactly the same it is that the line provider offers in that area. In other words, my Earthlink speeds here in this area will be 10/1 or 20/2 because this is what Time Warner offers. The only difference is that Powerboost or Speedboost, whatever it is called, is not available on Earthlink. And most importantly, if you are not a Time Warner cable TV subscriber, Earthlink's monthly price is lower than Time Warner's stand alone internet service.
DirecTV is pretty neat. If you want a referral ask me.