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Re: [Availability] line dropping frequently

How can I tell its a resync? When the connection drops I can not connect to any sites.


The drops usually last a few seconds to over a minute and can happen once every 10 - 15mins. As you can imagine this can be very frustrating. When this happens, there is no sign of "connection has been disconnected". When loading a webpage or playing a game online this seems to be occurring more often.

Please help, Thanks


I live in Los Angeles County and after nearly 2 years of maxed out speeds and no hassles my connection started randomly dropping much like yours. If you have an ATT 2wire router I suggest you connect it and log into the DSL Diagnostics page to have a look, It turns out most of my disconnections were being caused by some timing issue (exit code CRC_MISMATCH or something) that was taken care of right over the phone this Wednesday morning. Now all that's left to solve is my high latency, horrible upload speed, and fluctuating download.