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Great Neck, NY
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: Give up my copper phone line to upgrade to 75\25?

said by ITALIAN926:

Listen man, if all of Great Neck loses power due to one electrical line coming down, your FiOS will continue to work in a power outage if you have a generator.

The Fiber lines are not wrapped around the electric lines themselves. "Keep touting "? I will.

That's great but usually if a power line goes due to a storm it's because a tree was uprooted & took out everything between the poles. My services in my part of Great Neck are underground but many places in my village, on Long Island and elsewhere are not. So yeah if a transformer blows, no worries FIOS will work, as will cable with a generator at your residence. When a thunderstorm or tropical system take out trees left and right & your services are aerial, well then everyone is SOL with their services. One possible power outage cause is not standard across the board, i.e blown transformer vs. thunderstorm/tropical system w/trees down between telephone poles.


·Verizon FiOS
Youre talking about a minority of users, even in a hurricane. When the hurricane came through last year, and everyone lost power, like 90-95% of those FiOS subscribers came back online when power was restored. Anyone within that high percentage would have kept all services up the whole time if they had a generator.