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Mclean, VA
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reply to sk1939

Re: Wiring Behind 70's Panelboard

I give up.

I flipped the breaker back on, and it immediately tripped. Thinking it was a fluke I flipped it back on and tripped the lighting main (good job stupid). I went back to take a look at the box, and it turn out a portion of the old downstream circuit has continuity to ground across all lines. Removing and capping that, I tried it again, again killing the lighting main (herpa derp), although the 20A breaker didn't trip. So now I checked the upstream connecting utilizing a known working extension cord and a continuity tester. It turns out that between the connection point and some two or so outlets upstream I am missing a neutral connection (what?), and that from that same outlet to the panel I get no connection between neutral and ground. What bothers me is that this circuit USED to work (or so I thought, I've used it before if nothing else), although the breaker has been off for a year or so.

When I have the panel replaced (in the next year or so), I'll have the licensed/bonded/insured sparkies run a new line to my new work (which checks out electrically), add an outlet outside, and figure out what exactly is wrong with that circuit. It's less stressful this way, and I don''t have to worry about my homeowners insurance...