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Wants moar interwebz
Waterloo, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to Bare

Re: [Internet] Not getting DSL Speed I paid For [Bell Canada]

said by Bare :

Bell, just stop with the lies. I moved here because the database said their was fibe and I called to confirm. Then I order after getting the house and nope. No fibe no DSL (yet my neighbors had it for two years now. Then all of a sudden. Oh yeah we have dsl.

Bell needs a traumatic stock event before they wise up.

Back home (St. John's NL) they told my folks the same thing since DSL launched, that they couldn't get DSL despite being able to get it across the street (Granted, it was a different line). When their dial-up ISP went belly up and they were left with no internet, they called up Bell Aliant and despite their call center (Wherever it was) saying it was not available, he finally managed to get into the local call center, when they sent someone out (Probably to shut mom up) and low and behold, the technician was able to get full sync (7/1 I believe, this was before FIBREop was available in the area)

Last time I checked their phone # Checker it still said it was not available despite they had it for several years...