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Re: [HD] MLB In Demand Issues

just get MLB.tv its $100 you get 100x more options and every game in HD, you can bypass the regional/national blackouts using TOR browser since they offer 1 subscription to the entire world unlike other sports with 2, 1 for Americans and 1 for Internation(everyone else), or just wait till the games over and watch in archive, they have all 162 games for every team, FOX saturdays, ESPN sunday and your regional games with home and away so you can watch your teams feed all the time and use audio overlay to listen to the home team radio broadcast for national FOX/ESPN games if you hate Joe Buck an whoever does ESPN games while watching the FOX/ESPN broadcast, you can also use it during normal games if you dont like either teams TV broadcasters.

and all the playoff games from wild card to world series are included for free 90 minutes after the game, i think they had a live subscription for an additional price last year, you can use the audio-overlay to avoid Ernie Johnson's horrific play-by-play during the early TBS rounds or Joe Buck for the entirety of the World Series

and its impossible to try to sync up the radio feeds yourself since every DVR cablebox has a 30+ second delay built-in to allow for pausing live tv, so that feature is irreplaceable

and its avalible thru pretty much every media device if you dont want to watch it on your computer or can easily use dualscreen with your HDTV

you're wasting money with inDemand's crappy cable services, unless you're getting it thru DirecTV which they give all feeds in HD i wouldnt bother


Falls Church, VA

If you get MLB.TV, make sure you also buy some masking tape. You'll need it to cover up the bar that pops up on the screen to show the length of time left in archived games- hence spoiling if the game goes to the bottom of the 9th or extras.

Many, many customers also report constant freezing/buffering, especially at peak times.