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Cordova, TN
reply to Badonkadonk

Re: What country are sharp window air conditioners made?

said by Badonkadonk:

That was a funny post. You have no clue about my company and yet you know all about its certain demise. Very cool.

I don't worry about the company getting chopped up and sold off in pieces. That doesn't affect me. Many of the things that you described don't apply to us because of the structure of the company. So many of your doomsday scenarios are laughable. Also, I have a one year termination clause, so I don't worry too much personally.

Plenty of jobs out there for what I do and for the experience I have.

Friend, dear friend Goober. (May I call you Goober? The name certainly seems to fit!) I don't really need to know much about your company (other than the name; I really do want to play your stock), because I know all I need to know right now, which is that they're dancing to the tune that Wall Street is playing for them. And, despite your protestations to the contrary, if you stick around this will most definitely affect you at some point. I was very serious when I said that there is a playbook for this, and while it might vary a bit from year to year and company to company, by-and-large it follows a tried-and-true formula. I could give you a blow-by-blow account of what will probably transpire, and how it may effect your personal life and finances, but since you don't seem too interested then I think I'll just let you discover that for yourself.

You say that there are plenty of jobs out there; good for you! But keep your network open and maybe start looking at some of those other jobs right now, because you may find that you need one of them (or at least want one of them) much sooner than you might think.

What I've given you here is "fair warning"; what you've given me back is "denial" (something that I've seen plenty of before). But when things start to go south, and you start feeling very uncomfortable, and you start having trouble sleeping at night, promise me that you'll remember that we had this little conversation, and get out while you still can, if you still can.

That is all. Take care and have a safe drive home!

Naperville, IL
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Ahh, now career advice! I assume you are uniquely qualified to give someone like me some pointers. I'm humbled, grateful and amazed by your business prowess.

Funny stuff. Mind if I call you Carnac?
I spent the last two years of high school in a daze. I . . . tried drugs enthusiastically. --Barack "Choomer-in-Chief" Obama. I'm so proud of our prez.