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This is a sub-selection from Sue first and get a partner.


Austin, TX
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Re: Sue first and get a partner.

I'm aware...SprintLink in some cases relies on direct-buried fiber (so old-fashioned). This is why Sprint has pretty much stopped trying to sell connections to its backbone (at least aggressively), focusing on higher-margin wireless services. Which is fine, because backbone access (unless you're at a location few or no other backbone providers reach without a tail circuit) is an intensely competitive market, between Level3, Cogent, XO, Hurricane Electric, Highwinds, etc.

The competitive environment is why T-Mobile doesn't have its own national backbone...it's cheaper just to pick up Level3, AT&T or whoever at each of their major switch centers (Dallas, Denver, Orlando, Charlotte, etc.). Heck, Verizon, who owns alter.net, still opts for other Internet egress paths in some markets (e.g. in Denver they're all Level3 last time I did a traceroute on my LTE iPad, whereas in Atlanta and DFW they use alter.net though things tend to get peered off pretty quickly).