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reply to balur

Re: bill c-11 becomes law tomorrow

said by balur:

So as an ordinary user who may or may not download from a private tracker.... how does this affect me?

as an ordinary user that may or may not download form a private tracker , your breaking the law and they have the right to spy on you and the govt cna just appoint the head of the mpaa and riaa as the spies as per the legislation.....gee wonder what them two will do .....

and offering any advice that can aid you, help you in pirating is also against the law....if your a hacker you cant out exploits unless you first tell the person(s) corporation first and get there approval.

you also cant archive hacker programs that you don't know whom the copyright is for...this is for any archive ...you need written permission for each item....watch as lawsuits driving knowledge and other rare stuff go poof.....

NOW if you trust the rcmp ....( ya know those bondage guards of canada ) they say non commercial filesharing wont be persecuted....
My question is how do you know anyone is commercially selling what they download.....OH YEA the RCMP RAT NETWORK locally....
and each item would then be a 20000 fine.

back up your dvdr disks same thing if you crack the encryption its 20000 fine ....RCMP never said they wont go after these people btw....just non commercial file sharing....

that my friends is funny.....