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Middletown, PA

[Pricing] How do I drop TEC Asurion insurance from plan?

Any ideas how to get rid of the TEC Asurion ($9.99) protection plan from my account? With all the other surcharges and taxes, I can't afford to keep this around anymore

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
Just call customer service or stop by any Verizon Wireless corporate store. Once you drop it, you cannot add it again until you purchase another device.

Hint: check your upgrade eligibility, if you're eligible for an upgrade, then drop the insurance as you can take advantage of upgrade pricing if you lose/destroy your phone or have it stolen.

If you have a basic phone, it is not worth having the insurance as those are a dime a dozen to replace at full retail ($300 tops). If you have a smartphone, then it may be worth it to have insurance as those are quite pricey to replace unless you have an upgrade on your account.

I have an iPhone and I dropped the insurance as I am very good with Cell Phones. I have only broken one (back in high school senior year 2002, I damaged a VZW Nokia 5185 during gym class and I only damaged the battery and I popped on a new battery and the phone was good as new) and I had one short out due to perspiration during the summer I worked at the amusement park.

Mom and Grandma are a little tougher on phones and I am considering the Samsung Convoy II (rugged phone) if and when I add them to my Share Everything plan. The convoy is rugged and only $269 to replace.

Allendale, NJ
reply to ksharp25
Just a note, I have the insurance and I'm glad I have it