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Romulus, MI
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reply to Mrwirez

Re: Time for the Government to step up!

So you expect the government to make a national broadband system. The same government that spent 300 million on a broadband map that is not even correct. The same government who knows were are in a financial crisis and yet decided they get a raise. Like my dad said yesterday when we were having a similar conversation, the companies split up this country and each took a piece, its grounds for an anti trust law suit. The only thing the government could do is have the DOJ get out the sledge hammer, the same Sledge hammer that originally broke up the phone company and break up all the telecommunication companies to insure competition in the market place.

Look at it this way: The only reason rural areas got phone service is because the "Government" using our tax dollars paid for it. These companies don't give a damn if they cant make money.

Its not like the good old days when we challenged to do better because we had to beat the Soviet Union.
Mr. Donut



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I am sure the richest country in existence can afford to build the system, and do it well. Just like we could give everybody free healthcare, as every other civilized country does. The real problem is our government is controlled by large companies that do not want competition. Isn't it sad how greed ruins what could be such a lovely society?
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that would realy be a mess to get the governmentin on the internet congress cant even pass a budget from last year ha ha ha ha ha lol