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[Northeast] Verizon Fios installation...

I was called to look at a friend's neighbor residence prior to FiOS install (heh..going in on the 12th). Since I have Fios, I am now the expert...right?

Neighbor has been on Verizon DSL for years. Now getting up to 150Mbps package. Wow, what a shock that will be...now his computer will be slower than the net

So, (he wants me) to ask some FiOS installers based on the following:
-this is a multiple residence home (inlaws suite, extended barn with living, and main home).
-use has multiline phone system (phone rings in inlaws and main home with extensions to rooms but not the barn)
-POE is in garage (conduit from street, then conduit to utility room in home..a good 50-60ft run).
-conduit has broadband coax (1/2"or 5/8" exterior jacket) never used (as though some builder pulled it and left it..think it will ever be used?)

Will Fios installed remove the unused coax for fish for fiber?
Would Fios also put ONT per residence or just one? or one for home and barn? Extra costs? I don't think he realizes what is involved here nor told Fios (Verizon)

I don't think this home owner knows what is involved and thinks, oh, Fios will just do it. And not charge him. Right... I mean, if he rents out the other buildings, they would get separate ONTs for billing, right? (or he has to offer package...which then bugs me, how do they get phone? separate TV...)

Anyone he can call after I drop this on him ?


One address, one demarc, one ont. Any additional residences need to be installed and billed separately. What he is doing is likely to be against the terms of service if sharing his service with tenants.

Having any extensions of service outside of the main home is not a standard install and very well may not be obliged. There are some properties that have a barn or other building that may have a phone extension from the main building, but they are usually grandfathered from predivestiture. If he is using his service to service tenants, that is not permitted. If he is looking to put an outlet in the barn or other location, it really depends on the specific setup. He would also need to supply a path to get from point A to point B, such as conduit, etc... As for the coax in the conduit, if it is the only way to get fiber through it, then it is a good possibility. The installer can always pull it back through if necessary.

Calling someone isn't necessarily going to get an accurate answer as the installer needs to actually see the setup. I personally have connected the pool house up from the main house as the cable was already there and it is not a living quarters. I have also connected the attached in law suite as it was the parents living with the children. Each situation can be unique.

Thank you! I spoke with him and he said, the barn which has a tenant, is a separate install, billed to the tenant.

Apparently, the Fios installer worked fast, as I found they already had a loop pulled from the street into his garage. I saw the older Verizon Network Interface box there so I guess the ONT will be nearby to connect to his phone.

The inlaws suite (above the garage) will be on same ONT, as it has his inlaws or when not snowbirds, some other family member with shared phone and TV service.

I need to say this, to all the Fios installers:

I have never seen an installation like this one. The customer was elated, the hardware installed properly (no mess, clutter), and when I got there to finish the (friend's neighbor-homeowner's computer needs, everything was working as though Verizon never was there (except that he was getting over 100Mbps speeds from his former 1.5Mbp DSL ) His TV was working, phone...

Kudos to the two techs (didn't get to meet up with them) that did the install and made their Verizon customer happy.
(I understand the install isn't complete as a return visit is needed to pull a permanent line to the home (temp in place)).

Lastly, I didn't know this but they couldn't get HiDef to work on TV because it was model without HDMI...but they recommended getting a cable (I explained they need a 20' component). In the meantime, they sent composite to the LCD TV...

(the owner didn't permit me to post pix of the install, but the new Verizon router is red, not silver, on sides, and has two antenna..not one, and is MI424WR Rev. i plus WPA2 is default no more WEP)


Teaneck, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
said by cableties:

WPA2 is default no more WEP

To clarify, the MI424WR Rev. I supports WEP if you want to use it, but it is set to WPA2 by default.

North Tonawanda, NY
I wouldn't even use anything less than WPA2 on the Rev. I. WPA2 or no encryption are what should be used unless you want to throw away Wireless N support