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reply to JasonMailley

Re: Primus does not provide good customer service

They might have not fully understood what you were asking, but to be fair this isn't something that ISPs normally deal with.
GeoIP databases have absolutely nothing to do with them, they're built mostly on public data (usually whois and ASN info), and updated manually whenever corrections are submitted.

You could submit a correction to each of the major GeoIP players, but if you're on a dynamic IP it won't last for long.

With Primus if you're on a Bell wholesale line, they just grab an IP from a huge pool of IPs used for everyone. You could get an IP used by someone in Vancouver the day before, which makes updating location information difficult.
I don't know how the other indies do it but you'd probably see something similar.

Your best bet would be to get a static IP and send corrections yourself. If you miss some of the smaller databases, they'll eventually catch up. It isn't exactly a quick process though.