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Orange, CA
reply to cowboyro

Re: The "metered" Uverse is just talk...

said by cowboyro:

Let's be honest, they announced it to please the investors so it's now checked on their list of actions.
I highly doubt they will start charging anytime soon. Probably it costs way more to actually implement working meters than what can be collected, so it's not worth it. And if you have to argue with someone over the phone for 30 minutes over a $10 charge then it's a net loss even if the charge sticks...

Supposedly, they will not charge the first 2 times you go over the limit.

For me, receiving an email that I have gone past some sort of threshold, will mean I will make a call to Time Warner Cable next.
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Miami, FL
·AT&T Southeast

Re: The "metered" Uverse is just talk...

This caps suck, specially if you have ondemand with directv, since the series or movies you get you have to download and you eat that 150 gig of cap like ethiopian in an all you can eat buffet.

Now ATT released an uverse app and i wonder if for the streaming videos under their app is going to be metered?

Unfortunately ATT is the only dsl provider in miami, fl all other companies are just resellers


Do you think AT&T wants you to have DirecTV?

No, they want you to watch U-Verse TV, with all its crisp, pixelated, macroblocked Youtube images.

AT&T will enact caps on U-Verse when they figure out how to get all that TV traffic out of there.

Their capping and metering is more blatant to me than anyone else's considering all TV delivery is via IP.

The best solution to U-Verse and their metering is simple: Just stop paying AT&T money for anything. Let them die a painful death.

No matter how bad any of these companies are, none of them are worse than the Deathstar.