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San Diego, CA

Has the internet gotten slower over the past few years

Pintrest, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads,,, This is just a SMALL List of stuff that one web site loads on its home page to display the page to you. With the advent of all the social networks, and all of the advertising, tracking, analytics, and web performance measurement (new relic type tools), has this all slowed down the web?

I want to say yes. I have a 2012 Macbook Pro with a quad core processor, and 12mbps internet connection with 30ms ping times, and my internet definitely feels like it lags much of the time.

Sometimes it will be stuck and I'll hit refresh and it loads just fine. I've tried different browsers, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, they all seem to have this hanging issue.

I'm just wondering if there are so many 3rd party calls now on various web sites that it really is slowing down the web, or am I being paranoid?

I recently installed AdBlock Pro and added all of those above domains to the blocking, and CultofMac loaded significantly faster, so I really do feel that it is these 3rd party calls slowing down our web experience, but I don't have any scientific evidence to prove it.

This is an open discussion, hopefully to come up with some solutions to this (maybe more ad blocking, changing my DNS settings, etc?), but also to let others vent if they've experienced the same thing.


Stanwood, MI
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I would say that yes it is getting slower.

Just like with computer hardware, Intel giveth but M$ taketh away.

As the internet speeds up and the average speed of everyone's connection speed is going up people are adding more and more cruft and junk, and fancy graphics, adds, pop-ups, etc. means that websites are now twice the size the were a couple of years ago.


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Try a different DNS other than your ISP's.

My Roadrunner at home (20/2) and work (10/1) are as fast it can be.

Ontario, CAN
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Yes, it has definitely become slower...
Certain pages can fail to load 100% if it's waiting on some damn stalled advertisement server to load. I block most advertisements with an auto updating HOSTS file and an advertisement blocker such as Ad Muncher. Creates a vast improvement on browser loading times.
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Sammamish, WA
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The evidence is definitely beginning to show that it is indeed true that end-to-end throughput between arbitrary end-points on the Internet is indeed slowing.

About a year and a half ago I found some postings by Jim Gettys (one of the co-creators of the X Window system) that described a similar problem, but went on to explain why this is happening. He even coined a phrase for the underlying problem: Bufferbloat. See » ··· erbloat/ to start.

To oversimplify the problem: Equipment vendors focus on moving your data from where you are to the next hop (i.e. your Cable headend, DSLAM, cell tower, etc.) as fast as possible, without regard to the nature of the destination of that data. Now that we have cheaper, faster, bigger CPUs and memory, it has become trivial to do this.

After a quick Google search, I did not find a nice overview article, but if you Google for bufferbloat, you will find plenty of material.

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Kitchener, ON
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I used Click to Flash, seems to speed everything up. I think my internet is faster, 3 years ago with DSL I was 1.8meg, then I transferred to cable, it was 3 megs, 2 years it moved to 10 megs, now it's 28 megs. Although I do agree that these webpages themselves do have way for info than in the past, so likely they'd be slower if my internet wasn't faster.
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Ontario, CAN
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As you can see by Ad Muncher, it has removed a ton of adds along with saving me close to 2.0GB of bandwidth.


Monashees BC

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Same as 1995, 24kbps download time at very very best 8 minutes per 1 meg file.

Always fearfull of cleaning internet cache meaning for example Hotmail page fully loads in up to 9 minutes.