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East Amherst, NY

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Re: Monopoly style greed

I agree, however my point is that we are all arguing about meters and caps when in fact it is a dreamed up fairy tale created by the HSI vendors to attempt to rationalize something that doesn't exist, the usage unicorn. That is why there is an argument. It's an indefensible position.

Just go read a Q-4, and they read like HSI is pure gold, and it is.

It is hard to come up with a meter analogy because in fact the physical properties for networks don't conform to a meter

If my local FIOS router is being utilized at 15%, then a good 80% of it is being wasted.

It's WASTED for not being used, not the other way around.

The fact that they will sell you faster tiers and overcharge you no problem is a clear signal their networks are running JUST FINE.

Also the TV portion is regulated dear sir.

I won't get into the private argument, because the simple fact is they are not private, they run their networks over leased public property to the public benefit and sooner or later their revenue protection schemes is going to get them regulated or they adjust.

Their network is as private as my house which is leased from the government.