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Castro Valley, CA

This is BullSh*t

I know I use well more than 250GB a month in my household. I already monitor our bandwidth fairly accurately with a DD-WRT/Tomato firmware on the routers in my house. With 4 people stream netflix/hulu all the time and downloading TV shows and download games from Steam, we go through 300-500GB regularly (up/down combined). If they start charging $10 extra per 50GB, my bill will be up to another $50 bucks!!! That's f*cking crazy. That's more than we pay now for our currently line!

Given how shady AT&T is they'll always say we're using WAY more than what I track with my own router, as others have shown in previous articles here.

Honestly...how can anyone trust AT&T with their already shoddy bandwidth measurement of their wireless network? Its already been shown AT&T can't meter their wireless network, or their U-Verse network properly, so how can we as consumer fight the injustice of these overage charges?

Before saying, 'go to _____ carrier instead' realize that's not an option when you only have AT&T in your area......