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Brockville, ON

[Grandfathered Plans] Bell free today - feels good!

I finally cancelled my unlimited bell 6Mbps plan after about 7 years. At my current address, the service was excellent, never any issues in about 3 years. Previous address was a different story. Anyway, I would have probably just stuck with the plan if Bell hadn't been so greedy, upping the price constantly. Also, the threat of having the account suddenly switched to a 30 gig per month plan or something was ridiculous. Can't call support for anything without worrying they would change the plan? No chance of any speed increase either. What kind of business operates like that with such disdain for their customers? Fortunately the direct forum support dealt with things properly. I will likely never deal with Bell for any kind of service, if I can help it. Fortunately, their services are always so expensive that there isn't any temptation


As Canada deflates and slips back into the recession they never came out of more and more people will do the same thing.


reply to sssscary
said by sssscary:

I finally cancelled my unlimited bell 6Mbps plan after about 7 years.

Same here. Bell reliability is excellent but packaging and pricing is completely wrong for my needs. The termination process left me with a bad impression as did the monthly nickle and diming price increases. Too bad. It's like their management is bereft of ideas for providing new and innovative services. Perhaps the balance sheet demonstrates their brilliance but as a customer the experience is very poor.