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reply to riot808

Re: [TWC] been lagging bad for 7 months

said by riot808:

i see... is there a way to get the power levels down? because i have mentioned that to the techs tier 3 techs on the phone and they said no.... they also said i can't switch back to a regular modem with the speeds i have now... i read about these gateways being over senitive and giving alot of problems to your network... just wondering if these things are true...

your help is greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance

Usually there is nothing a customer can do to fix these problems on your end unless like i stated in previous post, your modem cable outlet is running through a house amp... It is most of the time caused by an issue from the pole to the demarc point on your house which is better left to the pros. They are correct in saying that you cant switch back to a Docsis 2 modem with your tier. Also it is not your gateway that causes most issues, if any, but the system in some areas is just not good enough or in some cases just not proper for the newer tech to work well. Anyhow, this is almost identical to what i was thinking to do. Jabbu See Profile is on point as to what you can do in this situation

said by Jabbu:

You'll want the tech to:

Run a docsis test and sit on it for 3+ min.
Check BER on all docsis QAMs. MER is posted in your log and looks good.
Have him run a DQI on your line while you chat, this is a over time test and he can leave the meter on for 10-30min to catch any issue.
DQI should be 10 in a perfect world.
If everything is coming up good, ask him to find out the US SNR, and be sure he doesn't pull the downstream SNR. This is something only a tool/website on his computer or a call into tier3 is going to tell him.



Honolulu, HI

thank you for the info and im almost positive it does run through my house amp.. and i know the internet coax that goes to my modem runs through a splitter... it's connected to the side that says 51002mghz and then theres a middle one then the right side says splitter... is there anyway to bypass this for the internet but still allow the tv cable to work?