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Concord, MI

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Slow through some servers fast through others

High speed through some servers ultra-slow through others:

using WOWs speed test I get 1.41 down 0.04 up

Using Comcasts speed test I get the following:

Detroit 15.34 down .48 up
Chicago 15.53 down .56 up
Twin Cities 1.08 down .16 up
Seattle .57 down .013 up
San Jose 15.54 down .52 up

I've been dealing with this since 7/7/2012

I contacted a supervisor. She, of course, suggested that I "do some troubleshooting with their tier-3 tech". Sorry, honey, this is NOT a "reboot your modem" problem!

I reitterated the above test results and that the problem clearly lies with them and (of course) I have not heard back...

Any help, suggestions, or a nice soft rock to beat against my head?





Thanks to the good folks here at DSLReports I found a few other WOW test servers!

As of a few minutes ago:


Download Speed: 1.559 Mbps (1559 kb/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 0.191 Mbps (191 kb/sec transfer rate)
Tue Jul 10 14:16:53 2012


Download Speed: 13.097 Mbps (13097 kb/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 0.475 Mbps (475 kb/sec transfer rate)
Tue Jul 10 14:18:14 2012


Download Speed: 1.373 Mbps (1373 kb/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 0.113 Mbps (113 kb/sec transfer rate)
Tue Jul 10 14:19:08 2012


Download Speed: 14.005 Mbps (14005 kb/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 0.432 Mbps (432 kb/sec transfer rate)
Tue Jul 10 14:20:08 2012


I forwared the above to the supervisor referenced above. Not that it'll matter but it makes me feel like I'm doing my part of their tech support

Wish me luck!



Concord, MI
Sent another email to another supervisor last evening- still no response.

Things were pretty bad under Broadstripe but since the "upgrade" on May 1 things have really gone downhill. 6 days with no service followed by 6 weeks of intermittant service. Now this...

If WOW has any sense at all they'll fire everyone (at Broadstripe) in a supervisor and above postion and bring in new people. Is it too much to expect a reply to an email?

It seems the only ones doing their jobs are the field techs and their hands appear to be tied more often than not. On a more positive note they finally buried the mess of cable at the end of my road that had layed above ground for over a month...


I messaged WOW_Dan last evening so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Send good juju my way!