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Muskogee, OK
reply to moldypickle

Re: [Speed] Suddenlink Cable internet Lag

No I haven't tried a different house. Might have to try it but as far as it might be the PS3 its self, I personally am not sure that is the case. The online SL tech I had a couple of days ago looked thru old records and saw a significant increase in their data reporting on my account starting in April just before they replaced the modem. The their was some major increases on July 3 when they replaced my modem with the Docsis 3.0. They were supposed to come out and replace the line from the pole to the house and some of the line splitters the installed. The SL Tech online was talking about downstream data corrections versus uncorrected. His data report on my account was in the millions of uncorrected data.

Below is a sample of data from my modem the last couple of days.


DCID Freq Power SNR Modulation Octets Correcteds Uncorrectables
Downstream 1 196 573.00 MHz -2.04 dBmV 36.61 dB 256QAM 375847480 72233 406471
Downstream 2 195 567.00 MHz -1.83 dBmV 36.17 dB 256QAM 298977711 47727 300843


Tyler, TX
But you said the internet is working fine on all other devices in your house so how would it make sense for this to be a problem with the Cable Modem connection?

This likely points to a problem with the PS3, the connection to the PS3, or a routiing problem between your IP and the destination IP's that your gaming on.