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Re: Who Killed the Open Set-Top-Box?

There are standards for cable video services like DOCSIS is for cable internet service. That is what Cablecard and tru2way are. They're even certified by the same CableLabs organizaation. The vast majority of the electronics makers abandoned it, while the FCC forced cable companies to continue to use and support it.

At the time CableCard was created (10+ years ago) software based security wasn't as available or secure so hardware based keys were used (the actual cards). tru2way was the software standard for the CableCard enabled boxes to allow 2-way functionality, but again only cable companies embraced it. Future plans at the time CableCard and tru2way were created were moving toward downloadable security (DCAS) but that really hasn't seen the light of day since most of the electronics makers have abandoned CableCard and true2way.

TVeverywhere is a cable industry project to move to software based security and ad tracking for streaming video content straight to authorized video clients. Many video providers, channel broadcasters, and equipment makers have put their support into making it a success.