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Cupertino, CA
reply to tshirt

Re: This is BULL.

said by tshirt:

That would be nice. That would be smart. That is not a legal necessity, at this time. They are choosing to put the onus on you to track your own usage and to provide your own PROOF should you protest their accounting.

Wait, so if a DSL user were to be charged $100 in overages with no functioning meter for the user to monitor his/her usage, it's up to the USER to prove AT&T is wrong? I can picture the following conversation...

User: Why was I charged $100 in overages for my DSL service?
CSR: You went over your cap by 500 GB... at $10 per 50 GB, that's $100 in overages.
User: Wait... what? I didn't use that much internet and there's no way to check my usage.
CSR: I'm sorry sir but our system says you went over. Do you have any proof you didn't go over the cap?
User: No because you're not providing me with a means of monitoring my usage.
CSR: I'm sorry sir but that's not our responsibility.
User: So it's basically my word against yours and I know AT&T is *never* wrong (sarcasm).
CSR: Unless you can prove you didn't go 500 GB over your cap, there's nothing I can do.
User: Well F*&! this... I want to cancel my account!