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reply to RasputinII

Re: [TWC] Arris TG852 Access Device in Bridge Mode KCMO Solved

Problem solved:

First I found the following instructions on the web on how to set the device in bridge mode:

1. Access the modem interface by typing Http:// into the browser, hit return and the modem interface with the user name and password entry input will appear on the screen.
2. The default user name is “Admin” and the default password is “password” in lower case. Enter “password” and the basic set up page appears.
3. Go to LAN setup and under Nat section select Bridged.
4. Go to the Firewall tab and unselect “enabled” Security will be provided by your own wireless router.
5. Under the wireless tab if the wireless is turned on uncheck enable wireless.
6. Install your own wireless router in accordance with the instructions that came with it.

I have not checked this out even though I did walk through the pages.

I sent an email to TWC and ask them to tell me if I had authority to use my own router by setting the Arris in bridge mode.

The next morning I received a telephone call from Tech support locally advising that the Arris has been set to bridge mode by remote control and I could install my own wireless.

I pointed out the inconsistency of the sales person’s statement that they would not support on own personal wireless and I had to pay $ 5.00 per month or do without.

The tech advised that by saying “TWC will not support your personal wireless” means that if I have a personal wireless they are not going to tell me how to hook it up.

They will pace the Arris in bridge mode so you can hook up your own wireless according to the install instructions that come with the router.

I made the hook up and the Wi-Fi runs fine.

$ 5.00 per month is not much but why pay for Wi-Fi when you have a perfectly good wireless router just sitting there in the corner?


New York, NY

Burlington, WI
Interesting. The password generator link in that news article worked on my TG862.
I never knew how much time I could waste on the Internet before it was so fast!


Elyria, OH
reply to RasputinII
$ 5.00 per month is not much but why pay for Wi-Fi when you have a perfectly good wireless router just sitting there in the corner?

And why do certain markets offer the wireless option for free ???

Shamefull, that they feel the need to charge for a feature that's
a part of the actual hardware device. Specially since you're already
paying a monthly fee........for that very piece of hardware

Anyhooo......just bout any decent router's gonna be a better choice.
You're not wanting the carrier to be involved with whatever you do
with the bandwith being delivered