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Independence, KY

[Help] Belkin F5D8235-4v2

I'm having some crazy problems with this router. I get pings as low as 19ms to chicago from kentucky, but I get random spikes that are high (anywhere from 300-1400). I've tried tweaking just about everything in the router config and no luck.

I had random high ping spikes with and old linksys router, but nothing like this in terms of frequency and peak pings. I get slow loading web pages and random high latency in online games. My wife works at home and it's frustrating enough for me so I worry about here work days.

I contacted my cable internet provider (Insight/Time Warner) and they had me hook up the modem directly and it gets a pretty consistent 20 avg ping. I've been battling with them over the last 1.5 yrs about inconsistent pings/speeds and all they say is that things look fine on their end. One rep did say that he monitored it and noticed high pings. I've had numerous techs over and they never get anything as they aren't around long enough to see the spikes.

Friends say I could be on a bad node. Anyone got any tips or tools to help get this all worked out?

I'm a dedicated gamer so these things are import to me.

Minneapolis, MN
My buddy and I moved into his dad's house last year, and he got a couple of laptops which have gigabit NIC's so he bought this model of Belkin off ebay, based on price and it having gigabit as well as "N" wireless. Worst router I've ever had to deal with. It doesn't even have QoS settings. He's all worried about voiding the warranty or I would have flashed it with DD-WRT firmware, since the factory firmware is garbage. I'm pretty sure the Belkin is what causes my random game latency spikes. Never had problems before the Belkin. Never had this much trouble from my Linksys WRT54G running Tomato firmware.

Last time I checked on newegg.com Belkin routers generally get poorer ratings than most other major brands.


Independence, KY
reply to dgodfather
Quite honestly it must have been a fluke or a bad wire. I might still have a few spikes, but it seems to have disappeared. I'm not sure really. I'll post back if I continue to have problems with it.