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Bakersfield, CA

[Bakersfield] Lightning Internet Problems.

I have had lightening for almost two years. Within the hour or two, the modem has lost connection to the Internet 5 times. The lights on the modem indicate that everything is okay, but when I'm on the laptop or Xbox 360, I cannot connect to the Internet.

This has been happening for about year now, but it occasionally bumped me off. Now, It happens at least 10+ times a day, and just within the hour it has happened over 5 times already. I called Brighthouse, and they said that there has been an internet outage in my area and that may be the reason, but my friend who I play xbox live with lives a couple blocks away from with lightning package is able to play without any concerns and never bumps him off.

I am running three laptops and 2 xbox 360's They do not all run at the same time, but if 3 out of the 5 devices are running, usually it will bump us offline. Lightning fast is suppose to be very reliable but lately its been frustration and headaches because I can't enjoy surfing the web or playing my games without disconnected. Its annoying, but I love the speed when it works . I hope I could get this fixed.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Open a direct forums thread with the usual information that I request and I'll get this fixed right up for you.