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Why can't I log into my Cable Modem/Router?

When we first got WOW Cable and Internet, I was a happy camper. Fastest speeds I saw back in Montana with our DSL was about 150-160 KB/s. I think we have the crappiest WOW package, and our download speed easily gets to about 1MB/s, and can go even higher.

I was a lot less happy when I wanted to configure my network my way.

I wanted to be able to forward ports for testing, to be able to disable DHCP, and to be able to set my own options for our wireless network (like a different WPA key, since the temporary key I gave to the tech who came out to set us up was just a simple one I planned on later changing).

It's never been a problem with any other place I've had Internet; I simply log into the modem and make the adjustments.

The modem/router I have, a Cisco DPC2325, has a default blank username/password combination, so I tried logging into it, of course without success. I called up WOW to get the login and password, and they tell me that they can't give it to me.

Wow, really?

They said that they could forward my ports for me, etc., but I don't want to have to call them every time, spend time on hold while they forward me to someone who, after several minutes of me explaining what I want to do, forwards me to someone ELSE, who might finally be able to do what I want. I want to be able to change my WPA key whenever I want without having to notify someone else what they key is.

I explained my desires TWICE to WOW (first to one representative, who then handed me off to another rep) before being told that the installation tech wasn't even employed by WOW, and didn't use the right guidelines in setting up our WPA key, and that they could send out another (probably third-party) tech who could change that for us. >_> At the VERY least I should be able to change my own WPA key! I mean, come on! Why should anyone but ME know what that is? And it's not just WOW that knows it, but also the third-party tech they hired?

Yeah. I can't forward my ports (at least not without dealing with several people who may or may not know what I'm talking about). My key is totally insecure. I can't set firewall rules to only accept from certain internal IP addresses, since DHCP means that some of those addresses might be taken by a rogue device (an even higher probability since I can't change my wireless key).



Okay, rant over. Now, how do I solve it? If I get my own cable modem (I already have a wireless router I can hook up to it), will WOW provide me with the necessary info to get it set up? Or do I just have to provide them with the MAC address of the Modem? I've never set up a cable modem before, so I don't know if I need to use a username/password like with old dialup modems, or DSL modems, etc. Is there anything else I should be aware of?


Just get your own modem and call in the mac address. Once its on your account and active you can connect your own wireless router and set it up how you like it.


Columbus, OH
reply to MeJess
All it takes is a single call to have WOW disable the wireless and turn their piece into the simple bridge that you want.

Then you plug it into your own router/wireless system, and do whatever you want.

Problem solved.

If you can buy your own cable modem, that's even better. But my advice is to separate out the network bridge functionality from the router/wireless functionality, so if you do buy your own just get a simple cable modem.

I think you're making work for yourself, getting all upset about this easily solved problem.


He will want hos own modem or a regular cable modem because he pays extra through WOW for having a wireless emta.