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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to Cloneman

Re: Router ALT Firmware for QoS for VoIP

said by Cloneman:

....I was under the impression you were still on DSL. My findings were specific to DSL, and my assumption is that a superior service like VDSL or cable can handle more stingy reservations.

You should in fact be able to get away with reserving much less....

Not sure how you thought I was still on DSL, considering how much I continue to brag about being BHELL-FREE (a word-play on 'belfry'), but anyway, your latest comment looks to be even better news.

BTW, I am with START Communications, on Cable thru the Cogeco AGG POI, and it works well.

My VoIP UPstream issues were present before that, but it's just that I have been getting more picky in my old age, I would say.

And the tips/links are appreciated (from everyone).


We have only 2 things about which to worry :
(1) That things may never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !
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Or you can still use Canadian Broadband.