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This is a sub-selection from Overages huh?

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Re: Overages huh?

said by djrobsd:

If you have the max plan (12mbps) you get 250 gigs a month. I don't know how people could be going over those caps unless they are just hoarding a bunch of movies and content that they will never have time to watch because they are too busy greedily snatching up more content to fill up their 10 terabyte mega RAID server. LOL

In a household with four teenagers, and a wife, and everybody doing just legal stuff, assuming just 2/3s of my single user 95G (last time I checked the AT&T meter before throwing them under the bus), I could easily hit 380G per month.

There is nothing funny about it; but I did get the last laugh: I fired AT&T and went with a provider offering uncapped service.

Despite that I will be hammered with a new modem rental fee when I set up my new premises, Sonic.net, LLC is still the best deal around.
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