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Nitro, WV
reply to Underserved

Re: Under served areas

What do you do???? I got an idea, fix the issue. Create a small ISP, have T-1/3 lines run to it, and serve your neighbors for a profit. I bet you still could get a T-1 line, yes, very expensive, but that's how you do it. You don't need my money to do it, but you would rather use your 'bama money and let the nanny state do it for you.

If you're underserved, be the one doing the serving, excellent market positioning.

And what about cell data?


You are not being fair at all. Simplistic minds have simplistic answers, and that is what yours is. How easy it is for someone to forget just how this country was founded. We adopted the British Poor Laws to take care of the underprivileged who did not come to this country with money, in turn we developed these into other forms of assistance programs - and the one in question here is one that is quite beneficial when used correctly. I would venture a guess to say if the government came up to anyone on this thread and offered them $75 million to create a rural ISP for broadband service, we would take the money in a heartbeat to do it. It is when regulation and oversight is decreased that fraud and no follow through comes out. Don't take a double standard and try to apply it to someone else, when clearly your fighting words against government "welfare" (as you try to use as a derogatory word..) are a blatant double standard when your next claim is a cry for deregulation... It gets so asinine hearing the same exact rhetoric that comes out of the Communist Nazi-esque Republican Tea Conservative Back Stabbing, etc, etc. followers. Actually, just following problems up with "do it yourself" would work wonders... since its quite obvious the first to point that out, would be the last in line to volunteer for such an activity...


Nitro, WV

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You obviously do not understand American History. It is a modern development of ours, to guarantee as rights, non-rights to people. America was built on self-reliance and yankee know-how.

And about your Nazi Republican comment, must I remind you that Nazi is a stylized version of National Socialism (IE Socialist,) would you consider Repubs being socialists? I think that is a term your dear Christ and Savior 'Bama and his lackeys claim. Communist, isn't that who 'bama studied under?????

I do not see how we keep coming back to politics, oh, yeah, that's right slams on Mitt Romney, and Republicans....

"Mitt slaves? Revolution? Anarchy?"

"Communist Nazi-esque Republican Tea Conservative Back Stabbing"

Would I set up an ISP if I saw a need, absolutely. I am an free market entrepreneur. Volunteer, umm, no, for profit, yep, I sure would, as no one is entitled to my money or time(heartbeats).

British poor laws, you mean like debtor's prison, yep England had that. Again, what I claim as welfare ALL came from the 1900s, not 1700, or 1800s. New Deal, Great Society, etc...


Phoenix, AZ
reply to jdmm72

Re: Under served areas-002

If you can't get a DSL line through the switch then how in the world can a T-1 line get to my location? I assume you are aware that a DSL and a T-1 line are both digital, right? If my local switch supported digital I could get a DSL line without having to create my own ISP. My first letter says my ONLY choices are dial up and satellite. There is no cell service within 15 miles of my home. I could replace my local phone company's switch if 1.) they would let me (and that's impossible) or 2.) Create my own phone company but I'm tens of millions of dollars short there. The only way is microwave (for Internet or cell service) and as I said I can't get tower space or permission from all the local carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Centurylink, Cox and about ten others that would have to sign off on it. I'm either blocked or I'd need millions of dollars, and that's to serve about 200 homes. Microwave is it and I can't do it without the Government. That's the bad thing about "market forces". If you let market forces do everything then 99% of the land area of America would still be without electricity, phone, highways not to mention freeways between major cities.


Nitro, WV
I assume you're aware that a T-1 line is nothing more than a bundle of voice channels, right (like 24), obviously no.

You can get a T-1 anywhere with landline voice service, there isn't a distance limitation. It is 24 carriers at 64Kbps each, or 24*64 = 1.5Mbps. If you don't have landline telephone service, then I guess you are SOL, but you state that dial-up is an option, so T-1 is also. Dial-up is a 64K line minus overhead for control signals and the max ends up being about 53K. T-1 carriers don't have that overhead, they use a whole carrier for overhead/control signals, etc.

Really, electricity was implemented by the gub'ment, or phone, or highways. You really need to check history.

Electricity was in many cities way before the gub'ment got involved, check the history. Look up the war of currents between Edison (DC) and Westinghouse (AC).

St. Augustine Florida was an example (there are many, many others), the Ponce De Leon hotel had an Edison Generator in 1885. Flagler himself also built rail, and improved the roads to support his business. He also electrified Palm Beach and Tampa, and provide roads and rail to those areas too, a private individual (and in your mind a evil rich person, most likely.).

Telephone was another non-gub'ment buildup also, just about every small town had a telephone system. At some point Big Bell interconnected all the smaller systems. Western Union (a private company, again not the gub'ment) was responsible for interconnecting most towns, to (gasp) make money.

Highways started as walking trails (good chance it was by the Native Americans originally, not the US Gub'ment), then wagon trails, and usually to paved roads by private business owners to improve their profits, by allowing larger wagons/trucks/whatever.

Check the history King's Highway on the East Coast, especially the coastal Carolina's, although it extends up to NJ.

And you're right, the interstate system was basically a gub'ment project, implemented in 1956 as the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. It's main purpose was and still is to provide for NATIONAL DEFENSE, not yor convenience.

So, your assertion that the market would have left 99% of the US without power, telephone, rail, or roads is absurd.