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Beaumont, TX

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Re: What can cause slow upload speed?

UPDATE : for everyone's info I guess a 4100 modem can go partiality bad. I bought a used 4100 of eBay, it didn't work at all, like it was in bridged mode an resetting did not help it. Never tried the reset on my original, any way I emailed the guy and he refunded my money. Bit the bullet and drove 20 miles to the AT&T store. It was kind of weird, I walked in and a lady wanted to help and I told her I wanted a DSL Modem she had to call one specific guy to come wait on me. I got the impression they didn't sell many. I told him what I wanted and tried to sell me a wireless and I told him no regular wired and not a 2210 (bad reports). They had none on display and he had to go in the back for 20 minutes to find one, a Motorola 3360. I hooked it up to my main computer and went to configure it and it had a redirect and configured it self, plus I had to let it install some software on my computer or it wouldn't finish. OK now I was connected ok so I tried to reconnect to use it with my old airlink wired router,no go. Figured out the new IP access address conflicted with my old router. Luckily I had a newer wireless Trendnet router that it sinked up with no problem. Ran speed test now reporting
2600 down 412 up. Maybe AT&t changed the system so they don't work well with the old modems?????

P.S I am kicking myself paid $75 at AT&T could have got it a walmart for $50.

GA-P43T-ES3G E8400,4GB ram,HD4650 VID,PowerEdge SC430,ECS N2U400-A,AMD XP3200+,1GB ddr memory, Radeon 9800XT AGP,RETIRED:Biostar M7VIG 400,Socket A AMD,XP2800,1Gb ddr , FIC 503+ K6-III+450mhz OC@550MHZ