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Nitro, WV

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reply to midwesttech

Re: Under served areas

You obviously do not understand American History. It is a modern development of ours, to guarantee as rights, non-rights to people. America was built on self-reliance and yankee know-how.

And about your Nazi Republican comment, must I remind you that Nazi is a stylized version of National Socialism (IE Socialist,) would you consider Repubs being socialists? I think that is a term your dear Christ and Savior 'Bama and his lackeys claim. Communist, isn't that who 'bama studied under?????

I do not see how we keep coming back to politics, oh, yeah, that's right slams on Mitt Romney, and Republicans....

"Mitt slaves? Revolution? Anarchy?"

"Communist Nazi-esque Republican Tea Conservative Back Stabbing"

Would I set up an ISP if I saw a need, absolutely. I am an free market entrepreneur. Volunteer, umm, no, for profit, yep, I sure would, as no one is entitled to my money or time(heartbeats).

British poor laws, you mean like debtor's prison, yep England had that. Again, what I claim as welfare ALL came from the 1900s, not 1700, or 1800s. New Deal, Great Society, etc...