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Dallas, TX
reply to BiggA

Re: So for semi-real internet in rual areas

said by BiggA:

Right keep on dreaming. The fact is that when you get into content, you're not going to get the deals you want, and a small ISP can't get into content in any meaningful way anyways. And, unfortunately, fiber way out there isn't likely to make money. The exception is an area that's out there but not super far out there that is so underserved now that you'd get a large market share, unlike FIOS, which was put in relatively rich suburban areas that were already well served by cable, and full of dumb rich people who apparently don't realize that FIOS is so utterly superior in every way to cable.

You seem to think I would be getting into content like I'd be redistributing what's being currently made by the current producers, song writers, directors, screen play writers, etc, and that's not at all what I had in mind, but thanks for trying to kill my dream you didn't kill

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Then you're not going to have the content. You could be successful at small scale, but it won't replace traditional media, and not if you tie it to some sort of physical distribution medium.