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Bon Aqua, TN
reply to Leon996

Re: Huh?

said by Leon996 :

Why are we paying to build this out anyway? People live in the sticks for a reason. If they wanted the full amenities of being in the mainstream areas then they would have chosen those areas. It is bogus to spend our $ to provide access where there may be no demand to warrant this and to a sub-section of the population who chose to live outside the range of these types of amenities!

Um, there are alot of areas not actually in a rural area that is undeserved unfortunately. I personally have all utilities in every direction from me, just not down my road.. Gas/water and sewer for parts of it.. Alot of people in even more so remote places have Uverse, or cable from my experiences while out and about.. Its just a badly filled out product Im thinking..


Nitro, WV
And you probably could have gas/water and sewer if you paid to interconnect to it, as most people have to do. You have to pay a fee to interconnect to electricity in a new home, to connect to water, and to connect to sewer. Usually cable and telephone is installed for free, but not the other utilities.

My grandparents were told they'd have to pay to interconnect to Suddenlink.