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Re: Better than 250GB cap & no overage allowed

For real heavy users, the overage fees could push the cost of residential service beyond that of business class service. Comcast could block residential users from getting business class (unless they have a need for that type of connectivity, e.g. telecommute.), rake in the dough, and continue to raise the cost of internet.

Here in the mid-south, the cost of internet went up $2 last year, and then $4 this year. Now that Comcast knows they can raise internet rates, I'm sure there will be yearly rate hikes from here on out, in addition to cap-and-overage. When will it stop?

My views are my own.
Business class service can be as low as $59 per month depending on a 1, 2, or 3 year term. Comcast will not cut off access to business class to residents because there are residents that do run business from their home, like me. Further, as I stated, they come with a commitment, ala true contract. You buy a year, 2, or 3.. and you pay to term, no different that buying a car on term. THAT is the one thing that will distract most residents from buying the service.. THAT, and there IS an installation fee regardless of active service or not. That $200 fee can often be waived if you sign the 3 year term. So really, I don't see comcast blocking residents in exchange for a guaranteed term. THAT is the string to business class.. the price for BC internet would be comparable after the first $10 overage in most cases.


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Then don't download so much. If you're paying $60-$70/mo for a 25mbps connection, and getting 300GB of transfer, that's a pretty good deal. If you have multiple users using that much bandwidth (which is feasible in a household of multiple tech-saavy users), then maybe you should pay a little more for bandwidth...


Antioch, TN
reply to fiberguy
Business let me sign up as 'M2M' (month to month) in exchange for me paying a $250 'installation fee' (since I previously had residential and they didn't even bother to disconnect any cables there wasn't any real installation process).

Here's the part of this I find annoying:
Will I get a higher monthly usage allowance if I upgrade to a higher plan/tier?
While you may upgrade your service at any time to receive more speed and performance, all of our tiers of service have a data usage allowance of 300 GB per month.

If Nashville had to be a test market why can't it be one of the markets where you get higher caps for higher tiers? I might actually be enticed to spend more on the 105Mbps residential plan, but not if it's going to have the exact same cap as your basic 12Mbps (Or whatever the base residential is now, 12Mbps is still the base business tier)

My views are my own.
I'll take you on your word that you got a M2M agreement, the reality is that you are the exception to the rule. There's one thing that IS for sure about CBC is that 1) Installation fees go down with a longer term. a 1 Year term requires a $250 install fee EVEN if there service is already existing. (FYI, they insist employees pay the fee too) 2) M2M service is not an option as a rule, so not sure how you swung it. And if a M2M option was ever considered, the fact that they only discount with a longer term would suggest that $59 a month wouldn't be on the table normally because they only discount with longer terms.

On the surface, your reasons and your situation is hard to believe.. but won't argue it. I'll just stand by IF you got it, you are a VERY rare exception. So call it installation fee or activation fee, it's there because they can justify the charge to a business because it's a SERVICE PLAN designed for business.

Why can't Nashville be a test market, why can't it be one of the market for higher caps? ... because they don't offer caps based on tiers as far as I know. Not everyone buys 105 tiers to consume more. Some people would buy it to MOVE the same about of data faster. They still see it as an information service.. people can only still process and consume so much information. I know that at 105mb I'd enjoy the fact that I could move larger image and package files faster so I can get on to the next task.. but having 105 doesn't mean that I'm going to be also to create more files to move just because the internet moves them faster.

The fact is that as of today, Comcast doesn't equate throughput with transfer.. until they do, this is how they price their service.