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Re: Sell it elsewhere

While I'm no fan of ANYTHING Viacrap err Viacom produces, which is in fact complete s***. I also DETEST DirecTV. I was a subscriber for two years and couldn't believe the horrible installation work, the obnoxious CSRs, and the POOR SD picture quality as well. Any time there was the slightest hint of a thunderstorm the picture would go out sometimes for a couple of hours, yet my dish was not obstructed by any objects and signal was 95 all of the time.

The FINAL straw with DirecTV was when after no longer being under contract I called to cancel since their prices are simply outrageous without the initial promo offers. I was connected with retention and was browbeaten for almost an hour as I tried to cancel. Not only that after asked this bozo to cancel my account for the sixth time, he mentioned that they will check my STB for all the PPVs I watched without being charged for (since box wasn't connected to the landline) of course I explained that I only accidentally ordered ONE and that it was noted on my account and was not charged to me previously.

I have NEVER experienced such HORRENDOUS service from ANY other company I ever dealt with before. I was motivated to write the CEO at the time Mike White? and sent the letter return receipt requested, the receipt was signed as received BUT I NEVER HEARD ONE WORD FROM THEM REGARDING MY COMPLAINTS.

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO DirecTV. A Shady company.