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Woodbridge, VA
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Re: ugh

said by 88615298:

said by spike010101:

And Verizon fios continues to put Comcast to shame... I think the next time I move, being in a fios area will be a requirement.

Hope enjoy paying $75 for 15 meg speeds.

That is what a bundle is for. I have cellular, Ultimate HD, 35/35 Internet and digital Voice. Cellular has unlimited data and text. My total monthly bill(including taxes and cable cards) is $200. And my cellular portion is $78 of that.

My views are my own.
Your unlimited data isn't going to last much longer. They HAVE given you the ILLUSION that you're going to have options to keep your unlimited data, you know, so long as you pay full price for a phone, right? ... well, they've already demonstrated very clearly that they want everyone off. It's only a matter of time before VZ just outright says "nope.. we're done." So, if/when you upgrade, even at full price and hand over a premium for your what-ever-phone you buy, just know that at some point you'll have just over paid for a phone in order to keep a plan that you already see the writing on the wall that they don't want you to have.

Let me translate your $78 a month in Verizon-speak.. "you're not the customer we want"... They pretty much just raised the price of a smart phone service to $90 a month and drastically reduced the amount of data at the same time all while selling their customers on "unlimited voice" which people have clearly said "we don't care about" and unlimited Text" which really costs them very little to provide anyway, all so you can REALLY pay, well, about $90 for a gig of data.