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[Tech Ops] radio mobile help

I have a customer wanting to put up a tower for his own personal use (he is located at an extremely low location). I am going to list his possible tower site coordinates and my base tower coordinates. If someone can tell me if he should be able to get signal with a 50ft tower or a 100ft tower I would be very thankful!!

My tower site ='s Lat. +35.538949 Long. -87.531445
Customer site ='s Lat. +35.609912 Long. -87.604766

Thanks for the help in advance. This forum ROCKS!!


Rosston, TX


Fort Frances, ON
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Never erect a tower solely on the results of those tests. Rent a Genie lift or mobile crane and do a site survey.

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Thanks guys!

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Google File
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50 foot AP and CPE
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50 foot AP and 100 foot CPE
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50 foot AP and CPE
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50 foot AP and 100 foot CPE
Attached are a Google Earth file, and RM files. Please note my landcover data in the RMLink images, you will have to verify trees to make sure they are or are not there, at the critical points along the path (high points). Do not rely on the RF information, I simply plugged numbers in there to get data output. You will have to calculate that on your own since you did not provide information on that.

The last two files are output from RMPath, to show Fresnel clearances without obstructions from clutter. You can see .6 F1 is impacted even with the CPE being 100 feet, if your tower is only 50 feet high on your AP end. If it is lower, then you can see how much that would impact it overall.

I had to make some assumptions based on the limited data provided. More accurate antenna centerline information at the AP end would help.
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Thanks a million!! Exactly what I was looking for!