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Re: ugh

Judging on the way Verizon has been handling it's business affairs lately, I would tend to believe that FiOS customers WILL ultimately see a cap come to their service. Verizon is VERY good at doing one things well.. pissing off their customers. It's not going to be long before Verizon wants to maximize it's return from FiOS users. While they will likely make it better than the other offerings, they're going to want to manipulate all products they offer.. it's only a matter of time.

Providers don't mind raising the rates on their services and losing a few customers. If they raised their rates or increased the RGU return while losing a small percentage in the process they still come out ahead for the number of people who WILL stay on the service they're hooked on will actually not only make up for the loss of revenue from departing customers, those who remain will help them realize a small increase in revenue too. This will also allow them to service less customers in the process which is also a savings. AS the market shifts, they will market and bring in new customers and the revenue increases.

THIS is what a smart business does to increase profits. That's the game of business.