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My views are my own.
reply to nunya

Re: Sell it elsewhere

WHAT??! Are you saying what I think you are? You're actually rewarding Viacom for bad behavior? Can you even justify their need for a rate increase, other than possibly ratings? ratings doesn't make a channel worth more.. hell, ratings increases ad-buy rates.. so they double dip to the consumer and expect more money from them too.. it's call "our shit don't stink" reasoning. So what happens when ratings drop? .. do they reduce their retrans fees? no.. they don't.

What they NEED to do is justify their rates like every other business and stop playing foolish games. To this date, no network has even entertained selling their feed on alternative distribution feeds and I doubt they will. See, they're not on your side.. they want to get paid. They make FAR more money through these "tradition methods" than they would direct to the home.

This is just a love-hate relationship they have, aka a lover's spat, that you're part just a part of. It's their version of porn as it's obscene to the average viewer to view. The networks are using the open competition (Dish and cable providers) to get their way while working AGAINST your ability to have YOUR competition.. otherwise, they'd work for a resolution that would give YOU choice... hint: they're not.

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I'm not a part of it. I don't have cable or satellite TV. I'm an OG cord cutter.
And I am saying that Content providers (including Viacom) need to start going around the "traditional" TV providers, who I might add have been f__king their subscribers over for decades.
I have no love for the TV service providers whatsoever.

Hurry up and turn them into "dumb pipe" providers as far as I'm concerned.
...because I care.

My views are my own.
said by nunya:

Hurry up and turn them into "dumb pipe" providers as far as I'm concerned.

This is a statement that always makes me want to ask... "Who is going to turn them into dumb pipes?" ... is it the government? .. that's not going to happen and I really have no desire or opinion on that line, but why would you want the government, if this is the case, to assume such broad authority over a private industry and dictate this? As much as it sounds great to you on the surface, you're selling out so many other freedoms we have in this country in the process.

So who else? .. the content providers? ... like I said above, that will never happen. You're very argument is a prime example as to why. These content providers already realize that the majority of their alternative subscribers are looking to pay a rock bottom price, so why would they cut their throat in order to make the MSO a dumb pipe in the first place? As it stands, content providers get paid by subscribers even if the subscriber never watches their network.

So who else? the customer? the customer is going to pay the least possible when ever possible. Not a good business model.

So again, we're back to the government. It will never happen in an industry that is not deemed life essential.

Besides, why in the world SHOULD they be turned into dumb pipes? Their core business still remains video, and internet is second. So you're saying "I'm dismissing the fact they provide video, first, and internet/pone second because it suits me".. the fact is that not everyone in this nation wants a dumb pipe so you'd be trying to force a change on the masses that most people clearly do not want... no different than health care.