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Rockaway Park, NY

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reply to kilrathi

Re: [TWC] packet loss / service degraded - amp in rockaway park,

I am pretty confident the noise that causes problems on upstream resulting in constant packet loss occurs only on those 2 channels that lock at 64QAM at 30.6megahertz and 23.8megahertz. Those are the 2 channels that t3 techs told me drop in upstream snr the most but those 2 channels lock 64QAM as soon as upstream snr is higher after 5 am until 8pm. During this time there is constant packet loss on the upstream to the tune of 2-4%. During the night as long as upstream snr dont drop below 22 or 23 things are kinda ok since all channels drop to 16QAM but some nights such as tuesdays snr drops below 18 causing internet to actually stop working.

However, I have manipulated adding more splitters to the point where the 2 channels with higher modulation get T4 time out and I am left locked only at 19000000 Hz channel which uses only 16QAM modulation. When only this channel is operational I have no packet loss (did numerous tests on pingtest and visualtrace). Things are great with only that channel working on the upstream and I still hit max upstream speed. However, as soon as i remove splitters and allow the modem to lock on all channels operating including the 2 channels ATDMA locked at 64QAM there is constant packet loss.

Tier 3 tech understands it but how do I get client relations or tech to explain to plant tech and have someone trace where the noise occurs, I wish there was a way for them to send a custom config to my modem so it only locks at the 16QAM channels, that would solve my issue it appears.

I am really pissed because when I hook up bunch of splitters and get only the 1 or 2 16QAM TDMA channels locked for upstream i have no issues, but that only lasts so long before modem reboots due to t4 for the other 2 atdma channels and once those channels are locked 64QAM I have constant upstream pacekt loss.... I seriously wish there was way to downgrade to only using those 2 lower modulation channels.... its clear the lines here locally are not read for 64QAM upstream modulation just yet.